A growing global phenomenon, Xiaomi has an amazing portfolio of products. By building on their streamlined production processes, Xiaomi has successfully integrated forward-thinking designs into each and every one of their product lines. 2014 was an unbelievable year for Xiaomi, releasing new phones, tablets, and earphones. With each growing success, Xiaomi has greater confidence in the ability to expand into other products.

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"Genuine world-class brand. Stunning designs, leading craftsmanship and flagship-level products at affordable prices. The new leader." "Always impressive, I love Xiaomi products for their consistency: they look and feel fantastic. And deliver uncompromising performance."

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Preço excelente, melhor custo benefício que ja adquiri, mesmo pagando os trinbtos certinho, inclusive aqui pra Santa Catarina, ja coloque, 17% de ICMS e some esse valor á tributação da RFB lá de Curitiba.<br>Aparelho, super responsivo, rápido, roda todos os apps com facilidade, GPS mega rápido, acabamento impecável. Veio com a ROM global, a minha versão e a snapdragon com 3GB ram e 32GB rom.<br>Sobre a camera, devo dizer que é excelente, ainda mais com boa iluminação, gravação de vídeo muito boa, capta com dignidade mesmo.<br>Gente sério, o GPS é super mega rápido, fiquei chocada.<br>Sobre o sinal de celular, navega bem em todas as frequências, 2G. 3G e principalmente 4G (operadora VIVO SC)<br>Impressão digital, nossa reconhece tudo e com menos de 1 segundo.<br>Sobre a MIUI, versão global e com atualizações na hora. pensei que não fosse gostar da MIUI mas amei, super personalizável e robusta, tem antivírus AVAST e Otimizador nativos.<br>Sobre o som, é o esperado, e sinceramente uso fones com fio ou Bluetooth, que aliás a qualidade é excelente nos fones. O som externo é igual qualquer outro.<br>Sobre a bateria, bem dura comigo em média 20 horas, mas tem dias que dura 26 a 27 horas depende do uso.<br>Caso tenha esquecido de comprar capinhas e películas a do Lenovo K6 serve legal, e a película de vidro também (pequenas diferenças mas vale a pena para quem esqueceu de comprar películas. (Confere nas fotos)<br>Corpo em alumínio super lindo e firme, boa pegada nas minhas mãos de menina. Meninas vale a pena, é lindo.<br>Conta Mi funciona, inclusive o localizador de celular e bloqueio de roubo.<br>Tela com ótimo brilho, inclusive no sol, o brilho automático funciona com perfeição
I have purchased this phone for both my parents and have recently got the redmi 6 based on how good the 4a was. But I'll focus on the 4a here.<br><br>The screen quality is acceptable, since it isn't a huge screen the pixel density is pretty good. The hardware inside isnt high end but for 99% of what you do on a phone it gets the job done efficiently. 16gb storage is low considering how much is taken up out of the box but it's easy to add a micro sd card which is cheaper than getting large inbuilt storage and you can easily set the phone to save everything to the sd card.<br>The camera is surprisingly good. Produces clear, Shap ams nicely contrasting images. It also has some great modes such as straighten which as it sounds straightens any shots.<br><br>As for the android overlay it is a bit ios. There is no app drawer so everything is either put on the home screen or in folders but that can be appealing for some users. For example it allowed me to create a very simple interface for my parents who only use a few apps anyway. There is also a simple mode which is very, very basic in its appearance with massive icons.<br><br>All in all its a great first phone be that for young or old. I could quite happily use it and I like some of the changes and tweaks to android but personally I miss the app drawer. All in its a 4 out of 5. And I wouldn't hesitate to buy the redmi (whatever number they get up to) A in future as this is a value phone that delivers.
Well today no one can imagine office or home without internet and WiFi...internet and WiFi is not option now days but a must have devices.there are great router available in market but mi (Xiaomi) router beats most of them especially the price range mi router is offering..one can have a great throughput...home or office will be under WiFi blanket..two WiFi frequencies...leave no dead spot...but this is one part. Another part is management...this routers management options are huge...one can have so many controls like guest WiFi, wireless access point, bandwidth control, user connection notification, perantal control, and the most important Remote acsess...yes you can access all the features remotely...only drawback is it's sometimes display buttons in Chinese (browser based)..but good thing is it's android app is in full English and everything is there...oh yes this router is equipped with 1 TB HDD all built in...and one can acsess it as Nas... (network attached storage) you can add, delete, of format it remotely too...no router can beat it in functions and price range..
Por menos de 200 euros. No tendrá la mejor cámara, ni será el más lugero, pero cumple con creces. Ha estado con migo más de dos anos y lo cambio porque quiero comprar el nuevo redmi note pro 6 del cual espero lo mismo. <br><br>Algunas specs below:<br><br>Operating System MIUI 8 based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow<br>Display 5.5-inch 1080p (1920x1080) IPS LCD panel <br>2.5D curved glass <br>401ppi pixel density<br>SoC Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 <br>Eight Cortex A53 cores at 2.0GHz <br>14nm<br>GPU Adreno 506 with Vulkan API, OpenCL 2.0, and OpenGL ES 3.1 <br>650MHz<br>RAM 2GB/3GB/4GB<br>Storage 32GB/32GB/64GB <br>microSD slot up to 128GB<br>Rear camera 13MP with f/2.0 lens <br>PDAF, LED flash <br>1080p video recording<br>Front shooter 5MP with f/2.0 lens <br>1080p video recording<br>Connectivity LTE with VoLTE <br>Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.1, GPS, GLONASS <br>Micro-USB, 3.5mm audio jack, IR blaster<br>Battery 4100mAh battery <br>Fast charging (5V/2A)<br>Fingerprint Rear fingerprint sensor<br>Dimensions 151 x 76 x 8.3mm<br>Weight 175g<br>Colors Gold, Dark Grey, Silver
Nutze das Handy schon 2 Jahre und bin echt zufrieden.<br>Das ist mein erstes Handy, welches nach einer gewissen Zeit nicht an Leistung verloren hat und gleich schnell geblieben ist.<br>Der Display ist scharf und selbst in Sommertagen bei einstrahlender Sonne zu lesen und zu bedienen. Die System Updates des Betriebssystems MIUI geschehen immernoch regelmäßig und optimieren das System stetig. <br>Der Akku hält sehr lange. Wenn ich mit Freunden unterwegs bin die Highend Smartphones besitzen, hält mein Akku jedoch immer am besten sodass ich auch nach aktiver Nutzung nich unbedingt jeden Abend aufladen muss.<br>Ich hatte vor 3-4 Monaten einen von mir verschuldeten Wasserschaden am Handy, den konnte ich selbst Beheben und konnte die Ersatzteile online für wenige Euro besorgen.<br>Das Handy ist ein absoluter Preis Leistungs Sieger.<br>Man sollte sich jedoch auch bewusst werden in welcher Preisklasse man sich befindet und dass man die Kamera nicht mit denen der neusten Highend Smartphones vergleichen kann (die aber auch das vielfache kosten).<br>Dennoch machr auch sie Redmi Kamera solide Bilder!
Se voce possuir o sistema de automaçao da xiaomi/mijia, esse item e um dos melhores que voce pode comprar.<br><br>Ele funciona como gateway, tomada inteligente e transmissor de IR para qualquer dispositivo, pois alem de controlar o ar condicionado, ele pode copiar comandos de qualquer controle IR que voce tiver. O meu controla o ar do quarto, TV (LG) e lampadas RGB que tenho na cabeceira (ambas com IR). Podendo assim montar cenas complexas, tipo, desligar as lampadas e a tv quando dormir.<br><br>Fique atento a tomada, por ser padrão chines usar adaptadores gera um caos de espaço, minha solução foi trocar as tomadas, o padrão chines utiliza o mesmo que o nosso antigo de tomadas 20A tres pinos chatos em diagonal. Pode ser difícil de achar, mas vale a pena.<br><br>Crie cenas de ligar o ar com os sensores de temperatura, desligar com o sensor de porta aberta, as opções são infinitas.
Xiaomi's smart scale arrived without any physical damage to the packing materials. I was surprised by the weight of the scale, and that is a good thing. It has a high quality feel and a minimalist modern look, quite attractive for a scale.<br><br>It paired up with my phone and the Mi app in less than minute. During the pairing up process be sure and have bare feet.<br><br>So, now I can track my weight and hiking/running workouts. That's a powerful pair, workout, lose weight. To be able to track that has been very rewarding. I'm holding to 4 stars because I've only had the scale for a week. I need to set up a profile for my sweetie and I've yet to see and BMI data via the Mi fitness app.<br><br>To summarize, nice high quality scale, easy pairing with the Mi fitness app, tracking weight and having that record to compare with my activity tracking, it's great.
The range seems to be way shorter in reality that it says. <br>With original pumped tires it goes fast. I mean really fast, but only for a moment (2-5 minutes after full charge).<br> - >>> After changing to full (tubeless) it looses A LOT of speed and … well a lot. - NOT RECOMMENDED<br><br>The rear tire popped 3 times in 250km (repaired it myself, and there were new holes in new places later) and front just once. (The front one popping was the reason for tire change to tubeless, but I think of going back to original ones.<br>Worth having the APP to connect to, just to adjust Cruise Control to yourself. Also there appered an update to the scooters software so also you should get it.<br><br>All in all a great product, just use it carefully, do not let it 0% discharge and avoid screws on the sidewalk and high curbs.
Avevo paura che fosse troppo grande (per i miei gusti) e che avessero peggiorato l'usabilita` del sistema operativo android, com'e` successo nelle precedenti versioni (sempre a parere personale).<br>Invece devo ricredermi su tutto, il telefono e` grande circa come il RedMi 4 pro ma grazie al display a tutto schermo risulta molto piu` grande, inoltre il nuovo sistema operativo ha reintrodotto il sottomenu` per le applicazioni che aveva tolto da un po' costringendo l'utente ad avere tutto sul desktop e doversi organizzare in piu` schermate o cartelle per nascondere le cose.<br>Scelto anche per la batteria da 4000 mA che dura giorni interi.<br>Il telefono arriva con una cover in silicone standard.
recommended!!!good designgood qualitygood design!!!I must admit I've never been so surprised, the package arrived very soon after into my country and to my home. Shoes are perfect, the size is accurate and I love the design and a bonus is that it can very well cooperate with a phone and you can basically track yourself. Thank you for this opportunity to have a pair of those. I didn't think it would make me happier but it does, lol. All I can is to recommend this seller and this product! So, buy itThey look great! The insides are cushioned so it's super comfortable to wear. The mouth of the shoe is one hole and a tight fit, the tongue isn't a seperate piece like in most shoes
I purchased this Products via gearbest online store and the product was a awesome product ever seen, i will recommend this product to any one who wants to bye portable phone, the camera was good, the battery was great one indeed, and the device arrived on time it did not delay, the only problem is only contacting the courier directly when the parcel is on the way. I am too happy getting a such quality phone at that good price, you cannot get such price any place.Gearbest online stores are the best so far, i highly rate them high and would recommend them, i would want any one to use the mobile App, it is more faster and and is very easy to use.Thank you Gearbest Team.
Заказал по акции магазина, очень не плохой функционал за такую стоимость. <br>Из плюсов: <br>1. Компактный дизайн.<br>2. Хорошее качество картинки.<br>3. Удобное крепление. <br>Из минусов: <br>1. Для подключения нужно проделать танцы с бубнами пока подключишь, напрямую приложение MiHome его не видит, все меню в приложении SmartCam на китайском нифига не понятно.<br>2. Так же при первичной настройке камеры, тоже всё на китайском говорит и не понятно. <br>3. Блок питания поставляется только с китайским разъёмом, требуется переходник. <br><br>В остальном всё устраивает.
This is my first international headphone purchase and the best I would say. I am using them every day from last 1 year and these are the best at the price bracket I purchased. <br>Sound quality: 4.5/5<br>Bass quality: 4.5/5<br>Battery: 5/5<br>Performance: 5/5<br>Microphone quality: 4.5/5<br>noise cancellation: 5/5<br>comfortable to ears and seat proof, I even used in rains also. seems no issue as such.<br><br>It requires only 1 to 1.5 hour to charge and gets you going on continuous music playback up to 8 hours. Enough for a person to use in a day. <br><br>I am simply in love with this headphone. microphone quality is also good. I haven't faced a single issue with these headphones.
If you want to make 360 video or images with the Mi Sphere Camera without having to edit out the stick, this is a must. <br><br>Ultra light, confortable, with built in control button. Super easy to use:<br>Short press - turn on<br>Short press if turned on - taking picture or start/stop recording<br>Press a little longer - change from picture to video or back<br>Long press - turn off<br><br>The angle of the head is adjustable but I find this feature unnecessary, because when tilted, the stick will become visible for the camera. As the Mi Sphere has a built in gyro, there is ho need to keep it upright neither for image nor for video.
le téléphone tourne actuellement sous Oreo 8.0 avec la rom stock et sous Oreo 8.1 avec les rom custom.<br>Avec Xposed il est même avec l'interface d'android P et une reconnaissance faciale qui dévérouille complètement le téléphone.<br>Il est possible d'installer le Dolby Atmos.<br>Il existe un mod pour faire sortir le son par le haut parleur du téléphone en même temps que le haut parleur du bas.<br>Avec des kernels custom le téléphone consomme moins de 0.5% / heure en veille.<br>Je veux le changer et franchement je n'y arrive pas.<br>Pour moins de 200 euros vous n'aurez pas mieux.
Original FHD Display + Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly Replacement for Xiaomi Redmi 4A<br>This is NOT an easy job for someone who has no technical skills with Disassembling or Assembling Cellphones / Mobile Phones. So only purchase this item if you know how to install it.<br>We will not be held any responsible for damage to your cellphone / mobile phone that you may cause during the changing of replacement parts.<br>Special skill and techniques required for proper installation. Think twice before you disassemble your phone.
design elegante e dimensioni schermo 5" apprezzato soprattutto da chi cerca un ridotto ingombro<br> performance buone di tutto l'intero sistema smartphone<br> buono schermo HD (attenzione non FHD)<br> ottima batteria con ottima durabilità (due giorni con BT e WI-FI attivi) <br> MIUI stabile e molto semplice da usare (intendo quella non farlocca) <br> inviato con adattatore per EU<br>Suggerimento<br> arrivato con ROM farlocca <br> flash della ROM non alla portata di tutti <br> memoria 3GB talvolta un limite <br> monitor non FHD
I am absolutely pleased with this pair of sunglasses Turok Steinhardt from Xiaomi. Very well built, lovely design and above all very light and comfortable both on the nose and the head. The lenses are obviously very large and protect well from the sun. They came in a nice rigid box including a good quality grey pouch, leaflets and a a microfiber cloth. If I break or lose it I'll definitely buy another one.Again another great Xiaomi product at a very very good price. I would highly recommend this to anyone!
Ho acquistato questo smartphone dopo aver letto un po' di recensioni attratto soprattutto dal fatto che installava AndroidOne (quindi con la garanzia di aggiornamenti ufficiali Google per 18 mesi) e dal rapporto qualita' prezzo. In effetti dopo parecchi mesi di utilizzo devo dire che sono assolutamente soddisfatto della fluidita' del dispositivo, dalla qualita' dei componenti e dalle prestazioni in generale che sono a mio modesto avviso da dispositivo di ben altra qualita'. Tenendo conto che l'avevo acquistato in offerta a meno di 170 euro il rapporto qualita' / prezzo e' stato da record. Consigliatissimo.
Sleek design with excellent build quality, fit and finish and materials used.<br>Long lasting USB rechargable 1200mAh Li-Ion battery.<br>Easy to use, press on the top to turn on/off and rotate the ring to change the volume.<br>Good Bluetooth range and can be used as microphone for hands-free calls.<br>Good sound quality which improves after the speaker has been played in for some hours.
Telefono arrivato nei tempi previsti. <br>Ho avuto modo ti provare questo telefono per diversi giorni e sono rimasto sorpreso positivamente. Pagato poco più di 130 euro si è dimostrato all'altezza di prodotti dal prezzo molto più alto; la batteria ha un'ottima durata anche con un uso intenso, il display è molto luminoso e dagli ottimi colori, ma soprattutto non ho notato particolari rallentamenti nell'utilizzo. La personalizzazione miui è un pò "piatta", ma intuitiva e ben fatta. <br>L'unica pecca di questo telefono è la fotocamera, ma dato il prezzo pagato direi che non ci si può assolutamente lamentare.
Great product, for the mood !!! Also suitable for boys, or as a replacement for a damaged cover. Brand product from Xiaomi series. I really like it, it is easy to put on the smartphone and is easily removable, of excellent quality, matte to the finger, made of solid blue plastic. I definitely recommend this product to everyone! +++ 5
hola llevo ya casi una semana con este movil y ya puedo decir algo. <br>bateria de movil esta muy buena( 1%=10minutos) ,pensaba que android 6.0 estara mal optimalizado pero va muy bien.Movil va muy rapido y muy fluido.pantalla de este movil tb es buena y tactil va casi perfecto,vale la pena descargar otro programa para teclado ,este que viene con el movil va muy lento.no se puede cambiar sonidos de movil hay que descargar un programa aparte para cambiar sonidos. lector de huellas tb va casi perfecto. bueno finalizando todo recomiendo el movil a todos que necesitan un movil normalito en buen precio.
Battery is identical to the original battery included with Mi Drone 4K. <br>The battery label and packaging confirm it's original. <br>Has golden buton so it's dedicated for the 4K model. <br>Exactly same flight times up to 20-22 minutes. <br>Came half charged what is a good sign (batteries should be stored charged to around 60% of their capacity). <br>Very good price comparing to DJI spare batteries costing twice. <br><br>I highly reccomend the product.
I loved this mobile, with its great performance / speed. I recommend to anyone who wants this mobile for daily use and heavy usage as it doesn't stop or crashes after testing it out for several months.<br><br>Camera around 12megapixels, great for daily photography but lacks in zooming in and text and focuses out at times during text photography. <br><br>Video quality is not good in my opinion and could be much better.<br><br>Night photography could be a little better.
This phone is very good. The built materials are solid and you can feel the quality in the touch.<br>Totally worth its price. Fast and performing well, without sucking too much battery - usually lasting up to 2 days.<br>The phone is light and small enough to not feel like a tablet, as most of the newer ones do.<br>The camera has the best quality from Xiaomi, clearly competing with phones which cost double the price.<br>Highly recommended.
Patyk jest przede wszystkim stabilny, nic się nie buja na boki, nie trzęsie - chyba że masz "parkinsona" albo piwo dobrze smakowało. Rączka na grubość idealna, dobrze się trzyma i nie ślizga specjalnie w ręku. Połączenie na kabelek uniezależnia nas od kaprysów bluetooth, ale z drugiej strony jest nieco upierdliwe jeśli nie trzymasz telefonu cały czas w uchwycie. <br>Jedna gwiazdka mniej za to że nie można obrócić telefonu w uchwycie do pionu.
Il mouse funziona bene, sia in modalità wireless, sia in modalità Bluetooth. In quest'ultima modalità il tempo di connessione col pc è di un secondo o poco più. La precisione è buona, tuttavia il mouse è piuttosto piccolo e piatto, perciò non è del tutto comodo (ma è anche molto più compatto da trasportare).<br>Purtroppo l'alluminio di cui è ricoperto tende a graffiarsi se non tenuto con cura in custodie!
Usavo per alcun un' anno.<br>Mi ho comprato perchè gioco Pokemon Go.<br>Se fai dei giri nell inverno guanti sono necessario per non avere mani congelato. =)<br><br>Ho acquistato altri quanti ma avevo dei problemi che non funzionano bene sul screen fino a nessun reazione dopo alcune mese.<br><br>Gli guanti di xiaomi funzionavano fino adesso senza perdere la funzione.<br><br>4 punti solo perchè anche gli guanti di xiaomi non funzionano sempre perfetto. È necessario avere un pressione piu alta sul screen, ma fino adesso sono più buone di tutti che avevo.
The time when i purchased this phone it was a craze all over India. The Phone is really well built and still runs smooths as butter. One of the very first few phones with a fingerprint scanners.<br><br>Beware most of the language in this phone is Chinese even after selecting English as my default. You'll also need to install playstore manually<br><br>4 stars for it not being a global version