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These grinders are incredible. I've been looking for a grinder set that has a wide coarseness adjustment and is impervious to salt corrosion. Time will tell how impervious it is to corrosion, but if the stated materials used to make these are true then corrosion should never be a problem.<br>I currently have one grinder for a Hawaiian salt I found at a local shop, and it grinds the crystals as finely as bulk table salt. I have the other grinder for classic black peppercorns and have ground them as fine as bulk table black pepper and as coarse as chunks up to about 1/3 the size of the peppercorn. It may go coarser, but I didn't feel the need to try. But the best part is the fine control of coarseness. For daily egg cooking, I have the coarseness set to what I think is a perfect level. I set it to the level a few days ago, and the grinder has held that setting without need for adjustment since setting it. That is an impressive feat for a grinder that has such a wide range of coarseness settings.<br>Aesthetically they look very good. The metal section seems a bit light but has been perfectly sturdy, including dropping the cap on my hard floor. The glass container is thick and durable looking, and is ergonomically well-designed. For home use where cooking is frequent, the size is ideal. It may be too big functionally if you eat out a lot and don't use the grinders often, and will be too small for a commercial operation.<br>I would highly recommend this set, and may actually buy more as gifts.
I got this for the whole family<br>It his checks not only her oxygen levels it also checks for heart rate. <br>Very useful Very Accourate and Very Fast<br>This is been a great help to us for monitoring how low and how high the oxygenand the Heart rate at activities. <br>I am well pleased with it
1. ¿Por qué elegiste esta calificación?<br>Puedes hacer muchas mediciones con este aparato<br><br>2. ¿Qué le gustó o no le gustó del artículo?<br>Lo que me gusto es que ofrece muchas cosas a un muy buen precio<br><br>3. ¿Cuál es la ventaja / desventaja sobre otros productos similares?<br>La ventaja es el costo del aparato a comparación de otros en el mercado<br><br>4. ¿Lo recomendarás a tus amigos?<br>Si lo recomiendo mucho
My dentist has been after me to buy and use an 'oral irrigator'; my teeth are tightly wedged and crooked in a small mouth, and flossing is a pain, so I don't floss as I should. I tried a battery powered gadget, and all it did was drain AA batteries!! So, I did my online research here. Then I got this. Easy to use. Several replaceable nozzles and a tongue cleaner are included.
1. I chose this rating because it was the most attractive.<br>2. I chose this product because it is the best on the whole trading floor.<br>3. Other similar products used - this one in my experience is the best!<br>4. I will definitely recommend this product to my friends and all my friends, as this is the best store where I made purchases !!!
We are trying to reduce plastic use so I was looking for an alternative to single use non recyclable straws and these come as a fit. They are easier than I expected, we take them everywhere with us in the case provided, my kid loves them. They are easy to clean with the cleaning brush provided (which I now also use to clean my kleen kanteen sport cap).
First of all I'm really impressed with the size of this ball. Much bigger than I envisioned. I needed one of these to do my physical therapy for my back and this ball fit the bill perfectly. It was easy to blow up -- that part took just a free minutes. Then I was able to use it right away. I'll be using it for a long time to come!
Been using for about 2 weeks now, works great, 3 settings, soft, hard and pulse, use as tolerated, most efficient is hard, cleans well debris between teeth. Portable can be taken on travel, battery appears to hold, I have used 1 week without, and likely stillhad about half juice in it
Фильтр по качеству хороший, но не подошел по размеру. Внимательно проверяйте размер перед покупкой. В фотографии приложил линейку, чтобы было нагояднее.
Покупаем уже второе такое на запас. Приятный оттенок голубого. Хорошее качество самого полотенца. Удобно такое брать на пляж. Размер, которым можно обмотать себя вокруг талии.
O produto chegou rápido, em perfeitas condições, porém achei que poderiam melhorar o modo que embalaram, não veio com nenhuma proteção, nem uma espuma ou isopor para proteger durante a viagem, sorte que chegou sem danos, mas fica a dica. Melhore o modo de embalar os produtos. <br>Agora o aparelho é muito bom mesmo, limpa muito bem os dentes, é bem forte o jato de água. <br>Obrigada.
A digital thermometer with a probe that is used for domestic purpose, usually in cooking . The thermometer is packed in hight-quality packaging with a strap and is equipped with a battery .<br>Excellent quality and good price
I like the fact that I can mow over the path way without having to move my stones, unlike the stake lights that were used previously. Great product so far, not sure how long they will last, but great so far.
I did some SERIOUS looking before I bought these shelves. The shelf is so excellent and sturdy. Easy enough to put together, and they hold quite a bit.
Bought already few bags of the nice Glowing stones! Stones are nice with long time glowing actually<br>just wish there could be bit bigger around
Product recieved as described.<br>Only point i noticed, the installkation guide was not for this product, I don't needed it, but some people might.
Great exercise ball. I'm cutrently using it to sit on because I’m preggo. The pump it came with was great and filled up the ball very quickly!
this balls it's amazing! and very noisy.. but they dry the clothes quickly.
Decent product, need to replace them every few years, but otherwise they work well. Snap together lids are convenient.
I use them for travelling mainly, and I find them very useful to pack my clothes into a cabin luggage :)
Simply worth the price, very good product, the girlfriend was very happy with it, it could break some
very useful ...great product ...this tool will help people to clear interdental waste
Good quality plastic like rocks for decor lice light emmition and look...
Сделана качественно. Надо пробовать. Пусть валяется до лучших времён.
Very nice and good quality, design is modern and came realy fast also
rodillera para uso deportivo a una textura y muy buena calidad para hacer actividades
nice shape, nice colour and soft. It absorbs sweat of my summer fitness sessions with a single wipe
Very functional product that meets all expectations.
Il prodotto è di buona qualità, nulla da invidiare ai marchi più noti.<br>Veloce è preciso staremo a vedere...
It works as described, nice gift<br>It works as described, nice gift<br>It works as described, nice gift